Special Needs Planning

Special Needs PLanningSpecial Needs Planning is a complex subject. Disability and other special needs often limit a child’s capacity to become independent and financially secure as an adult, which is why planning for your special needs child’s future is so important. This is particularly true today, with declining government benefits and rising costs of care. Among the many challenges facing parents of a special needs child is planning for the time when you will no longer be around to act as the primary care giver. When the care, management and guidance previously provided by you must instead be turned over to a paid professional, expenses will likely increase dramatically.

Special Needs Planning Strategy

Jimmy can help ease your financial burdens now, by making the best use of government programs currently available, and using strategies such as special needs trusts to protect your special needs child after you are gone.

Also, considering the fact that accident or illness can strike a loved one at any time, resulting in disability at any age, every good estate plan should include standby phrasing to address these possibilities.

Top Ten Mistakes Parents Make in Special Needs Planning.